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Silicone sealants are elastic sealing materials that offer outstanding durability, weather resistance, and adhesion. As buildings and structures move, such as during earthquakes and typhoons, silicone sealants move flexibly with them. They are therefore commonly used in sealing applications in high-rise buildings and housing, civil engineering, clean rooms, and in the joints of aquariums.


  • Durability and weather resistance
  • Outstanding durability and weather resistance, with almost no degradation from UV rays or ozone.

  • Adhesion
  • With the use of an appropriate primer, silicone sealants offer high adhesion to almost all materials.
  • Moisture resistance
  • Our silicone sealants have superior durability, weather resistance, and adhesiveness, so they form airtight, moisture-proof seals that last for years.

  • Resistance to salt damage
  • Silicone sealants are highly resistant to salt damage, so they can be used in buildings and factories in coastal areas, offering high durability.


Category Applications Grade Features
General purpose HS300/HS300P General purpose.
Anti-mold HS-BIO Anti-mold, Sanitary silicone sealant
For interior HS100 Acrylic sealant
Curtain-Wall, Lexan glazing HS700 Curtain-Wall, Lexan
Balcony glazing HS1000 Balcony
General purpose HS1100 Hybrid silicone sealant
Insulating glass secondary sealing HS Pairseal Excellent adhesion to glass and aluminum
Silicone structural glazing HS900 Excellent tensile strength sealant ideally suited for structural bonding
For fire doors SEALANT-40N specified for use with Category B aluminum fire doors.
General purpose, CW applications SEALANT-MASTER-300 Medium modulus, good elongation, high adhesive strength.
HS888 Low staining, good elongation, high adhesive strength.
For clean rooms PURE SEALANT Low emission of low-molecular-weight siloxane, high adhesive strength.
PURE SEALANT S-type Good results in wafer absorption testing.
For plastics SEALANT-72 Medium modulus, non-corrosive. For plastics.
Ultra heat-resistant HS911 Heat-resistant sealant (continuous use at 250°C possible).
For glass HS301 General purpose, high modulus, high adhesive strength, fast cure.
For high-transparency seals SEALANT-420 High modulus, high adhesive strength, highly transparent.
Two-component General purpose SEALANT-70 General purpose, low modulus.
Three-component For large aquariums MARINE SEALANT GX Low modulus, superior deep-section curability.