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Silicone fluids are generally colorless transparent liquids. They exhibit excellent resistance to heat, cold, and moisture. There is also little viscosity change in silicone fluids over a wide temperature range, and they have outstanding electrical properties. In addition, they are notable for their characteristics of mold-releasability, water repellency, lubricity, and defoaming properties.


  • Heat resistance
  • Silicone fluids have outstanding stability against thermal oxidation.

  • Cold resistance
  • Silicone fluids withstand low temperatures well. Methylphenyl silicone fluid, formulated for low temperature applications, maintains flowability even at -65°C.

  • Viscosity stability
  • There is little change in viscosity over a wide temperature range.
  • Chemical stability
  • Silicone fluids are almost totally chemically inactive. At room temperature, they show almost no effects from alkali solutions (up to 10%) or acidic solutions (up to 30%).

  • Non-corrosive and little effect on other materials
  • Silicone fluids have almost no adverse effects on metals and many other materials.

  • Low surface tension
  • Silicone fluids have much lower surface tension than water and other common synthetic oils.


Category Applications Grade Features
One-component General purpose KF-96L The most typical product of all silicone fluids.
Viscosity 0.65 to 1,000,000 mm2/s
Paint additive KF-69 Improves gloss while preventing orange peel and silking in paints.
High-temperature applications KF-965 For high-temperature applications (-50°C to +250°C).
Suitable as a heating medium in closed systems.
KF-968 For high-temperature applications (-50°C to +250°C).
Suitable as a heating medium in open systems.
Cyclic dimethyl silicone fluid Additives for cosmetics KF-995 Volatile. No residue after volatilization,
so cosmetics have a dry feel.
Methylphenyl silicone fluid High-temperature applications KF-54 For high-temperature applications (-30°C to +250°C).
Suitable as a heating medium in open systems.
Low-temperature applications KF-50 For low-temperature applications (-60°C to +200°C).
For oil diffusion pumps HIVAC F-4 Superior chemical resistance and resistance to oxidation.
For high-level vacuums of 10-7 to 10-12 Torr.
HIVAC F-5 can reach higher degrees of vacuum.
Additives for cosmetics KF-56A Alcohol-soluble.
Methylhydrogen silicone fluid Water repellency treatment KF-99 Highly water repellent. Suitable for processing of glass,
metal, fibers, and powders.