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The surface tension of silicone is low and it spreads easily, so it provides good wetting of fine, irregular surfaces. It is chemically inactive and can be used with almost all molding materials. Silicone has excellent heat and cold resistance and offers good performance over a wide temperature range. These characteristics are why silicone is used as a mold-release agent in a range of industries including the rubber industry, resin industry, food processing industry, and die casting. Silicone mold-release agents are available in various forms including emulsions, oil types, solvent types, bake-on types, and sprays.


  • Versatility
  • Can be used in diverse applications including rubbers, plastics, metals, and foods.

  • Mold-releasability
  • Silicone mold-release agents are non-compatible with almost all organic materials, so they offer outstanding mold-release performance.

  • Heat and cold resistance
  • They have excellent resistance to heat and cold and provide good mold-release results over a wide temperature range.
  • Chemical stability
  • They are chemically inactive, so they do not cause corrosion, swelling, or deformation of molds or molded items.

  • Can be used on complex molds
  • Silicone mold-release agents have low surface tension, so they provide good wetting of intricately shaped molds. This means that even complex molded items release easily from the mold.


Category Applications Grade Features
Emulsion type Rubber industry,
resin industry,
food processing industry,
die casting,
surface processing,
synthetic fibers
KM-9736 For food packaging containers. Low stickiness.
KM-9737 For food packaging containers.
KM-9738 For food packaging containers. Low stickiness and good antiblocking effect.
KM-9739 For food packaging containers. Good paintability.
KM-722T Acts to clean molds. Good wetting of molds.
KM-740T General industrial use. Good gloss enhancement and surface lubrication.
KM-742T General industrial use. KM-740 low-concentration type.
KM-860A Concentrated type. Good cost performance.
KM-862T Concentrated type. Viscosity of the base oil is higher than that of KM-860A.
SilcastU Suitable for die casting.
Oil type KF-96 Suitable for applications in which water and solvents cannot be used.
KF-965 Good thermal oxidation stability even at temperatures above 250°C.
KF-54 Good paintability.
KF-410 Methylstyryl-modified. Good heat resistance.
KF-412 Long chain alkyl-modified. Good paintability and lubricity.
KF-4701 Long chain alkyl-modified. Good paintability.
KM-244F Water-soluble type. Can be diluted with water or alcohol.
KS-61 Paste type. Long-lasting with good heat resistance and lubricity.
Solvent type KS-702 High-viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid base.
KS-725 Particularly long-lasting.
KS-707 Suitable for heat-cure resins.
Bake-on type KS-700 Little migration of the mold-release agent to the molded item. Provides repeated mold-release.
KS-7201 For low-temperature bake-on applications.
SEPA-COAT Forms film at room temperature.
Spray type General purpose, gloss enhancement KF-96SP KF-96-1000cs spray.
Paintable applications KF-412SP KF-412 spray.
High-temperature applications KF-965SP KF-965-100cs spray.
For rubbers and plastics RELEASE KS-707 spray.