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Silicone releasing agents are also used in the production of release paper. They are used in a wide range of applications in everything from adhesive tapes, films, emblems and labels, to the packaging paper of latex and synthetic rubbers.


  • Thin film coatings
  • These agents cure to form thin film coatings via chemical reaction.

  • Heat-cure, UV-cure, and EB(Electron Beam)-cure

  • Releasability
  • Heat and cold resistance

  • Adhesion to substrates


Applications Grade Features
General purpose KS-776A The most standard type is suitable for tapes, but is also commonly used for labels.
KS-839L Little time-dependence of release properties.
KS-847T Easy release with acrylic solvent adhesives. High time-dependence of release properties.
Light-release applications KS-779H Easiest release of all easy-release products.
KS-837 Easy release with PE laminate paper. Good slickness.
KS-778 Particularly good curability and pot life. The standard easy-release product.
Heavy-release applications KS-830 Tighter release than KS-776A, and no tape curling. Suitable for tapes.
KS-3502 Tighter release than KS-776A. Not slick, and can be used to glue multiple layers.
Paintable applications KS-723A/B Has paintability not found in conventional release paper silicones.
Release-control applications KS-3800 Cannot be used alone, but is highly effective for release-control.
For film KS-774 Good adhesion to aluminum foil, and to OPP, PET and PE films. Good residual adhesion. The standard product for film applications.
KS-3703 This type has greater curability and adhesion than KS-774.
Concentrated coating applications KS-835 Low-viscosity version of KS-778.
KS-847 Low-viscosity version of KS-847T. Improved resistance to exposure. Superior curability.
Emulsion type, general purpose KM-3951 Easy-release applications. Suitable for common labels.
KM-768 Medium-release applications. Suitable for tapes.
X-52-170 Easy-release applications. Suitable for common labels. Particularly good low-speed releasability.
X-52-179 Good residual adhesion.
Non-solvent type, general purpose KNS-3051 Easy release, for PE laminates.
KNS-303 Good Slickness. Suitable for craft PE laminate paper.
KNS-320A Easy-release applications. Suitable for common tapes and labels.
KNS-316 Medium-release applications. Suitable for common tapes and labels.
KNS-3002 Tight-release applications. Little time-dependence.
KNS-3300 Tight-release applications. Release-control agent.
Non-solvent type, UV-cure applications X-62-7622 Exposure to UV light yields a release paper with easy release and good residual adhesion.
X-62-7052 Catalyst unnecessary. One-component type, partial coating is possible, mercapto-modified.
KF-2005 Catalyst necessary. Fast curing. Acrylic type. Nitrogen gas required.
UV-cure film applications KS-5508 Medium-release applications. Suitable for substrates with low heat-resistance.