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Silicone greases start with a base oil of silicone fluid, to which are added various additives and fillers (metal soap, etc.). Silicone greases exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a wide temperature range, offer good moisture-resistance, and are used primarily for lubrication. Silicone fluid compounds are products with a grease-like consistency. They are produced by blending materials such as silica powder into a base oil of silicone fluid. They exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a wide temperature range and have outstanding electrical properties and water repellency. Silicone fluid compounds are used primarily in electrical insulators and seals, and for heat dissipation and water repellency.


  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Because the silicone fluid base oil has good resistance to heat and cold, the drop point is high, there is little oil separation, and volatile matter content is low.

  • Safety
  • The silicone fluid base oil is chemically inactive, so these products pose almost no risk to humans and animals.

  • Moisture resistance
  • These products have good resistance to water and moisture. Silicone greases can be left underwater for long periods; the surface will turn white, but there is almost no internal change.

  • Efficiency
  • Excellent performance even when used in small amounts.


Category Applications Grade Features
Greases Low-temperature lubrication G-30 Series Suitable for lubrication in extremely low temperature applications, in which petroleum greases cannot be used.
High-temperature lubrication G-40 Series Suitable for lubrication of sealed bearings. Performance complies with MIL-L-15719A.
G-420 Good lubrication particularly at high temperatures.
Solvent-resistant lubricant FG-720 Series Especially good boundary lubrication and solvent resistance.
Non-mineral oil lubrication for rubbers G-411 For rubber cups of automotive brakes.
Plastic lubrication G-501 Does not cause stress cracking in plastic. Good lubrication for steel on steel.
Lubrication for sliding parts G-6500 For low RPM applications.
Adhesive applications (torque, damper) G-330 Series General purpose.
G-340 Series For low temperature applications. Little change in torque values in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C.
G-350 Series High adhesion type.
G-630 Series For bearings. Good feel. Base oil is non-silicone.
Fluid compounds Electrical insulation, seals KS-62F Heat-resistant. Paste consistency.
KS-62M Heat-resistant.
KS-63W General purpose.
KS-64F Paste.
KS-64 Performance meets MIL-S-8660B specifications.
Insulator protection in salty air, electrical insulation KS-63G Complies with JRS standards.
Heat dissipation KS-609 Thermal conductivity: 0.73W/m·K. General purpose.
KS-613 Thermal conductivity: 0.76W/m·K.
G-747 Thermal conductivity: 0.90W/m·K.
X-23-7795 Thermal conductivity: 2.2W/m·K.
G-765 Thermal conductivity: 2.9W/m·K. Main application: IGBT
G-750 Thermal conductivity: 3.5W/m·K. Main application: IGBT
G-751 Thermal conductivity: 4.5W/m·K. Main application: CPU
X-23-7762 Thermal conductivity: 6.0W/m·K (After evaporation of solvent). Main application: CPU
X-23-7783D Thermal conductivity: 5.5W/m·K (After evaporation of solvent). Fine filler is used. Main application: CPU
Electrical conduction KS-660 Volume resistivity: 0.49Ω·m.
KS-660B High lubricity version of KS-660.
High vacuum seals HIVAC-G Good thermo-oxidative stability and chemical stability. Can be used for high vacuums of 10-6 Torr.
Rustproof seals KS-622 Good rustproofing effect on copper.
Valve seals KS-65A Suitable for sealing and lubrication of valves, stopcocks, and packing of common chemical equipment.
Silicone rubbers KS-650N Does not cause swelling of silicone rubber. Good electrical insulation.
KS-651 Does not cause swelling of silicone rubber. Good electrical properties and temperature characteristics.
Optical applications Optseal Good light transmissivity. Refractive index (n25d) 1.4690.