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Silanes are a group of silicon compounds consisting of chlorosilane, alkoxysilane, and silazane. Silanes are used in a wide variety of fields, making use of the unique properties of silicon compounds.


  • Protection of the functional groups
  • Protection of the functional groups during synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals.

  • Resin modification
  • Used in resin modification and paint modification, and in surface modification of inorganic materials.


Category Chemical name Grade Reagent name Structural formula
Alkoxy-silane Methyltrimethoxysilane KBM-13 LS-530 Responsive image
Dimethyldimethoxysilane KBM-22 LS-520 Responsive image
Phenyltrimethoxysilane KBM-103 LS-2750 Responsive image
Methyltriethoxysilane KBE-13 LS-1890 Responsive image
Dimethyldiethoxysilane KBE-22 LS-1370 Responsive image
Phenyltriethoxysilane KBE-103 LS-4480 Responsive image
N-propyltrimethoxysilane KBM-3033 LS-1382 Responsive image
N-propyltriethoxysilane KBE-3033 LS-3120 Responsive image
Hexyltrimethoxysilane KBM-3063 LS-3130 Responsive image
Hexyltriethoxysilane KBE-3063 LS-4808 Responsive image
Octyltriethoxysilane KBE-3083 LS-5580 Responsive image
Decyltrimethoxysilane KBM-3103C LS-5258 Responsive image
1,6-Bis(trimethoxysilyl)hexane KBM-3066 - Responsive image
Trifluoropropyltrimethoxysilane KBM-7103 LS-1090 Responsive image
Silazane Hexamethyldisilazane SZ-31 LS-7150 Responsive image
Siloxane Siloxane with hydrolyzable groups KPN-3504 - Proprietary