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Silicone rubber compounds have properties of both inorganic and organic materials. They are composed of unique silicone gums and high-purity silica. Silicone rubber compounds offer many outstanding features not found in other organic rubbers.


  • Heat and cold resistance
  • At 150°C there is almost no change in physical properties, and they maintain elasticity at temperatures at which typical organic rubbers become brittle.

  • Weather resistance
  • Silicone rubber compounds can be exposed to UV rays, wind, and rain for long periods with almost no change in physical properties.

  • Oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance
  • Silicone rubber compounds have superior oil resistance at high temperatures. They also have outstanding resistance to solvents and other chemicals, and are nearly impervious to polar organic compounds and dilute acids and alkalis.

  • Electrically insulative
  • They are stable over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. And even when immersed in water, there is almost no decline in performance.

  • Compression set
  • They are stable over a wide temperature range (-60°C to +250°C).

  • Transparency and coloring
  • Silicone rubber compounds are highly transparent, meaning they can be easily colored with pigments.


Application/Type Grade Appearance Features
Voltage registant KE-655-U Grayish white Boots, diaphragms, bellows, clamp covers, seals, O-rings.
KE-675-U Grayish white
General molding KE-931-U Milky white translucent Packing, keypads, diaphragms, rolls, etc.
KE-941-U Milky white translucent
KE-951-U Milky white translucent
KE-961-U Grayish white
KE-971-U Grayish white
KE-981-U Grayish white
KE-961T-U Milky white translucent
KE-971T-U Milky white translucent
Reduced low-molecular-weight siloxane KE-9410-U Milky white translucent
KE-9510-U Milky white translucent
KE-9610-U Grayish white
KE-9710-U Grayish white
Non post-cure KE-742-U Pale yellow Boots, diaphragms, bellows, clamp covers, seals, O-rings, rubber rolls.
KE-752-U Grayish white
KE-762-U Grayish white
KE-772-U Grayish white
KE-782-U Grayish white
Low compression-set KE-850-U Milky white translucent High-temperature gaskets, O-rings, rubber rolls, and oil seals.
KE-870-U Grayish white
KE-880-U Grayish white
KE-890-U Grayish white
Anti-static KE-9590-U Milky white translucent Packing, rubber tubing, keypads, rubber insulation-coated wire.
KE-5590-U Milky white translucent
Heat resistant KE-552-U Light tan High-temperature gaskets, high-temperature packing.
KE-582-U Light tan
KE-552B-U Pale yellow
High strength KE-555-U Pale yellow Boots, diaphragms, gaskets, seals, O-rings, belts.
KE-575-U Pale yellow
General extrusion molding KE-541-U Milky white translucent Rubber insulation-coated wire, rubber tubing, for food containers.
KE-551-U Milky white translucent
KE-561-U Milky white translucent
KE-571-U Milky white translucent
KE-581-U Milky white translucent
Rapid cure KE-594 Milky white translucent Catalyst included, for food containers.
KE-597 Milky white translucent
Low hardness, high elongation KE-520-U Milky white translucent Baby nipple.
KE-530B-2-U Milky white translucent
KE-540B-2-U Milky white translucent
Tube KE-1551-U Milky white translucent Transparent tubing for beverages, hose.
KE-1571-U Milky white translucent
KE-153-U Milky white translucent
KE-174-U Milky white translucent
Electrically conductive KE-3601SB-U Black Electrically conductive rubber sheets, gaskets, O-rings, packing, contact point rubber.
KE-3711-U Black
KE-3801M-U Black
Flame-resistant KE-5612G-U Grayish white Rubber insulation-coated wire, rubber sleeves, cloth tubing, insulative molded items.
KE-5620BL-U Black
KE-5620W-U White
KE-5634-U Translucent
Steam resistant KE-7511-U Pale yellow Packing for pots.
KE-7611-U Pale yellow
KE-7711-U Pale yellow
For transfer rolls KE-765-U Pale yellow Heat-resistant transfer rolls.
KE-785-U Grayish white
For rubber rolls KE-7008-U Pale yellow Low compression-set materials.
KE-7005-U Pale yellow
Oil bleed KE-503-U White Waterproof connectors, seals.
KE-5042-U White
KE-505-U Grayish white
Heat conductive KE-6801-U Dark blue Heat-dissipating insulative covering.
Low-temperature applications KE-136Y-U Pale yellow Low temperature gaskets, packing.

 Fluorosilicone rubber

Application/Type Grade Appearance Features
Solvent resistant FE-241-U Milky white translucent Flame-resistant diaphragms and check valves.
FE-251-U Pale yellow
FE-261-U Pale yellow
FE-271-U Grayish white
FE-351-U Pale yellow High tear-strength types.
FE-361-U Pale yellow
FE-451-U Pale yellow Copolymer.

 SEP rubber

Application/Type Grade Appearance Features
High durability SEP-1711-U Yellow General grade.
SEP-1721-U Pale yellow Heat-resistant grade.
SEP-1731-U Gray General grade for extrusion molding.
SEP-363-U Black Flame-resistant grade.