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The ST siries is a line of products of heat-shrinkable silicone rubber tubing. The inner diameter shrinks by about 50% simply by heating. The ST series are used for insulation, protection, and sheathing applications. These rubber tubings have superior heat and cold resistance, flexibility, and electrical insulative properties. They typically maintain their performance characteristics over a wide temperature range, from -50°C to +200°C.


  • Labor saving
  • Our heat-shrinkable tubing shrinks quickly by heating, and even complex shapes can be sheathed, thereby saving labor in the work process.

  • Electrical properties
  • They exhibit stable electrical properties even in the harshest conditions.


Type Grade Appearance Shrinkage Features
Flame retardant grade ST-DG RU Light gray about 50 UL-224 certified product.
General purpose grade ST-DG Light gray about 50 Thin wall type is available.
Transparent grade ST-HT Colorless translucent about 40 Transparent even after shrinking.