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Two-component RTV silicone rubber compounds cure by adding a specified amount of a curing agent to the base compound. Like one-component RTV silicone rubbers, two-component RTV silicone rubbers have outstanding electrical properties and resistance to heat and cold, while also offering improved deep-section curability and storage stability.


  • Properties identical to those of one-component RTV rubbers
  • Electrical properties, heat and cold resistance, shock resistance, weather resistance, curing characteristics, etc

  • Deep-section curability
  • The curing reaction proceeds uniformly at the surface and internally, regardless of rubber thickness.

  • Adjustability of cure speed
  • Cure time can be adjusted by changing the type or quantity of curing agent, or by heating.

  • Storability
  • The base compound and curing agent are stored separately, so the product will not become unusable due to curing during storage. Two-component RTV rubbers can be stored for long periods.


Applications Intended use Grade Curing method (by product gas) Features
General electrical applications Sealing KE-1800T(A/B) Addition Translucent adhesive, high strength.
Potting KE-66 Condensation (Alcohol) Self-adhesive.
KE-1031(A/B) Addition Transparent, adhesive.
KE-200 Condensation (acetone) Reduced low-molecular-weight siloxane, fast cure.
KE-118 Condensation (Alcohol) Self-adhesive.
KE-103 Addition Transparent, room-temperature curing.
KE-108 Condensation (Alcohol) Transparent, room-temperature curing.
KE-119 Condensation (Alcohol) High hardness.
KE-109E(A/B) Addition Transparent, adhesive.
KE-1051J(A/B Addition Transparent gel.
KE-1012(A/B) Addition Transparent gel.
KE-106 Addition Transparent, high strength.
KE-1282-A/B Addition Low stress, low volatile content.
KE-1283-A/B Addition For LED displays.
Flame- Resistance Sealing KE-1800(A/B/C) Addition (3-component) UL certified product, adhesive, high strength.
KE-1801(A/B/C) Addition (3-component) Adhesive, high strength.
KE-1802(A/B/C) Addition (3-component) UL certified product, adhesive, high strength.
Potting KE-1281(A/B) Addition Adhesive, low hardness, UL certified product.
KE-1204(A/B) Addition Reduced low-molecularweight siloxane.
KE-1204(AL/BL) Addition Reduced low-molecularweight siloxane.
KE-1280(A/B) Addition UL certified product, low specific gravity.
Foaming Potting KE-513(A/B) Condensation (hydrogen) Triple-volume foaming.
KE-521(A/B) Addition (hydrogen) Triple-volume foaming.
Thermal Conduction Potting KE-1285-A/B Addition UL certified product, heatdissipating, low viscosity.
KE-1861-A/B Addition UL certified product, Adhesive, heat-dissipating.

 For LEDs

Intended use Curing method Grade Features
LED encapsulants Two-component,addition ASP-2010-A/B High hardness, crack resistant
KER-6110-A/B For compression molding
ASP-1050P-A/B Crack resistant
ASP-1120-A/B High refractive index, low stress, rubber type
SCR-1012A/B-R Low gas permeability
SCR-1016A/B Low gas permeability
SCR-1018A(S2)/B Low gas permeability, thixotropic
FER-7061-A/B Low refractive index
FER-7110-A/B Low refractive index
KER-2500-A/B High heat resistant
KER-2500N-A/B For compression molding
KER-2600-A/B Mid hardness, for lighting
KER-2910-A/B Ultra heat resistant, for lighting
KER-6000-A/B Low hardness, high refractive index
KER-6150-A/B Mid refractive index
KER-6200-A/B High refractive index, gel
One-component,addition KER-6075-F Thixotropic
KER-6020-F For gold wire protection, thixotropic
KER-6230-F For photocoupler, thixotropic
Die bonding One-component,addition KER-3000-M2 Transparent
KER-3200-T7 Thermal interface material
X-32-2551 Transparent
SMP-2840 Electrically conductive
Damming materials One-component,addition KER-2000-DAM Dams for high density mounting
KER-2020-DAM Dams for high density mounting,highly thixotropic
Reflector materials One-component,addition KCR-H2800 Heat resistant
KCR-4000W Low viscosity, Standard product