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HS-STRETCH FILM is a cast 3-5-7 layers pallet wrapping film made from a special Mettalocene Octene based Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin. The Mettalocene Octene resin is applied for both two outside layers sandwiching the inner core layer. HS-STRETCH FILM is produced by a state of art Battenfeld Gloucester co-extrusion machine which is fully computerized and comes equipped with MEASUREX technology to ensure that the film is of a consistent high quality.


  • Customer satisfaction:
  • HS-STRETCH FILM keeps consistency of high product quality due to special Mettalocene blend materials.

  • Cost saving:
  • HS-STRETCH FILM is thin but strong. Thanks to its high elongation and tensile strength. HS-STRETCH FILM is more cost efficient when compared to other packaging materials.

  • Operation efficiency:
  • HS-STRETCH FILM is clean and clear to use. It provides good cling, leaves no sticky residues. Stock is easily identified through the transparency of film and also permits accurate bar-code scanning. Rolls are free from telescoping.

  • Product protection:
  • HS-STRETCH FILM protects your products from dust, dirt, and water damage. Pallets also stay firm during transportation (without distortion).

 Products range

Usage Width (cm.) Length (m.) Thickness (µm) Rolls/Carton ID. Core (mm.)
Hand roll 50 200, 240, 300, 400 15, 20, 25, 30 4 76
Machine roll 50 1,440/1,800 20, 25 1 76