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HANSHIN FOAM is our brand polyurethane foam, for sealing openings. Once out of the can, it starts curding in contact with air humidity. HANSHIN FOAM guarantees cracks or openings to be tightly sealed vibration And noise from the outside


    HANSHIN FOAM is curded by air humidity.
    Free CFC, environment friendly.
    Eliminates vibration, reduces noise and good maintenance of heat.
    High adhesive power.
    HANSHIN FOAM is water, petrol, oil, acid, solvent, microorganism and corrosion-resistant.


    Fixing door and window frames
    Joint filling between panels.
    Insulating air and heat.

 Products range

Usage\Product HS-FOAM
Working Temperature(℃) +5 ~ +30℃
Tack Free Time(min) 10 ~ 15
Cutting Time(min) 40 ~ 60
Full Cure Time 24hour
Yield(ℓ) 30 ~ 40
Density(㎏/㎥) 17 ~ 25
Packaging 750㎖ Adapter
750㎖ Gun type