Construction Silicone Sealants

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Premium Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant / KS F 4910 F-12.5E

Cure type Neutral cure Tensile strength(N/㎟) 1.0 ~ 1.5
Tack-free time (min) <15 Movement capability(%) ±20
Curing time (day) 7 ~ 14 Max. elongation(%) 200 ~ 400
Specific gravity 1.38±0.05 Applicationtemp.(℃) 5 ~ 50
Hardness (ShoreA) 30 ~ 40 Packaging 270㎖, 300㎖ CTGE
Colors Semi-transparent,Transparent,White,Grey,Black,Brown,Ivory,Dark green,Wood,Cherry,Oak,Blue,Red,Gold

※The data above is according to the company’s test standard. It can not be used as guarantee.


HS300P is a one-component neutral cure silicone sealant.
As a premium multi-purpose silicone sealant and an upgrade ofHS300, it provides excellent adhesion, durability and weatherability


- Various window/door, glass sealing
- Show window sealing
- Aluminum, PVC, wooden sash sealing and joint sealing
- Various construction material sealing


- Easy to use as one-component type
- Less odor as neutral type and almost no corrosion on metal
- Outstanding adhesion to various construction materials