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Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Foam

Applicationtemp.(℃) 5 ~ 30 Foaming capability (ℓ) 30 ~ 40
Tack-free time (min) 10 ~ 15 Density (kg/m3) 17 ~ 25
Cutting time (min) 40 ~ 60 Packaging 750mℓAdapter type
750mℓGun type
Curing time (day) 1

※The data above is according to the company’s test standard. It can not be used as guarantee.


HS-FOAM is a one-component polyurethane foam which cures by moisture in the air when it is sprayed out of the can.HS-FOAM is used to fill wall gaps, cracks, holes, and to fix/insulate window/door frames.


- Fixing and insulating window/door frames
- Filling panel joints
- Insulation and soundproofing ofHVAC system
- Filling cracks in/outside building and fixing pipes
- ALC and concrete joint sealing


- Fast curing and easy to use
- Outstanding adhesion, insulation and soundproofing
- No CFC contained, eco-friendly product
- Outstanding resistance to water, oil, acid, solvent and microorganism corrosion